Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alexander McQueen - No!

I rarely refer to the world of high fashion.
There are only three or so designers that I follow with any sustained interest.
Alexander McQueen was one of them.
Why did he have to die now, at the height of his creative powers?

His were the kind of designs that shock you with an entirely new aesthetic.
A shock is valuable - it opens up the synapses!

What will Lady Gaga wear now?!

These scary lobster heels shocked the hell out of me, and I loved it.
I think that experimenting with new silhouettes is the foundation of fashion design.
Also: every girl has the right to self-uglify.

Conversely, Alexander McQueen also beautified the marginal.
He once dressed physically handicapped models for Dazed & Confused, making their disability part of the art rather than putting energy into concealment.

Exemplifying beauty in fragility, or exploitative, or any other way it's viewed - this kind of stuff needs to be done... It needs to be brought into the light of day to excite our response and further thought.

Please don't go, Alexander McQueen...

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