Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Festival of Brothers & Sisters

Brothers are just swell, aren't they? 
Mine got my Barbie and melted her face on the stovetop. 
Good times.

In India, they have a festival to improve the plight of sisters: Raksha Bandhan.
During this festival, your bro has to say to you, "I vow to protect you! When you need help, just call on me!" 

No less than four Indian gentlemen made this vow to me. I was standing in as their sister who was not present for the ritual. I had to tie a rakhi (holy thread) to the wrist of each gentleman, apply red pigment and rice to his forehead, and bless him. 

The reason this festival makes it into Cravat territory?
Kiddie ones are the best. Observe:

First layer of rakhis, featuring a coy Ganesh.

Ganesh is unceremoniously flattened by second layer. 
This boy must have a lot of sisters.

Now this reminds me of stuff the Fruits crowd would wear. 
What is Fruits
A Japanese magazine documenting street style in the Harajuku district of Tokyo:

The founder, Shoichi Aoki, observed that kids were incorporating elements of traditional dress into their massively whack, innovative, hyper-color outfits. 

The rakhi carries a beautiful traditional meaning. 
I therefore wish to incorporate the rakhi into my current look.
...With action figures. Or Barbie!!!!!

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