Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What is the Venetian Aesthetic?

Do traditional aesthetics influence modern style on the street?
I found myself thinking about this, searching for the Italian look among all the international decoys in the crowd.

What do you think?
I left Venice with an impression of a defined look. Travel and observation has changed the bigger picture for me this month. That is definitely true. 


  1. ohhh, i remember seeing picutres in uk vogue a couple of years ago or something of a venetian masque themed party. i forget what it was for or whether it was actually in venice. anyway, of course it was filed with fabulous beauties with exquisite masks. but the star of the party was matthew williamson (with whom i am in love both sartorially and, sad to say, sexually) who came in a MAGNIFICENT PIGEON COSTUME. i've been trying to find it on google images, but no luck. anyway, for me, that will remain eternally the venetian aesthetic. though a masked blackmarket flitting across bridges and dodging down alleyways is, now, for me a fond venetian imagining.

  2. Ho that's me! I remember you .... ! I really love venice ... That's so inspiring and charming. The look of everybody are amazing. I never forget this city and all the magic that emerges!