Monday, June 29, 2009


When we dress to match our surroundings, we are playing make-believe.
I have never given up dress-ups and make-believe...Because anyone who gives that stuff up is just a massive loser. 

I admire the way these two have tried to dress in a Venice-appropriate style:

The gent below is another case...
Even the tense professorial mouth is so brilliantly convincing!
He is a Character, a figment!

Then I saw this fellow:

Click on the shot, he's fabulous!

Oh my god, he's totes looking into my soul...and yours

Meanwhile it's very clear what this next guy's Cravat is: that hat. What a Genius! 

They all came out of a story, and now they're going back into it. 

Please note: This is not ridicule of style. If you seek style ridicule, I recommend
 Hours of fun!

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  1. Ok, it's not fair to post pictures of Italians- they ALWAYS look great!